EZCash has a unique VISION.   We want to create a community of online shoppers who, through sharing such pleasant shopping experience with their friends and relatives, would enjoy a long term residual income and achieve early financial freedom.

EZCash Rewarding Program is an one of its kind program that  offers two incentives in one.  EZCash allows members to earn cash back on purchases made at hundreds of brand name  stores and through "People Make Purchases, You Make Money", members can generate a life time residual income and enjoy a relaxing life.

It is FREE and simple to participate in EZCash.  We require only your email address and a password to get started. Once you become a member, you can access your personal profile page at any time to check out your personal earning through your own purchases as well as your organizational earning.

Our model is simple, straight forward, and rewarding. EZCash profiles many international brand name stores, along with current highlighted discounts and special offers on its site. Online shoppers simply click their favourite  stores and check for bargains and specials.  Once a purchase is made, EZCash receives a commission for referring buyers to affiliated stores.  A portion of this commission received  will be distributed to the buying member and those who directly and indirectly bring in the member.The more friends you talk to about EZCash, the more rewarding it is.

The beauty of the EzCash Rewarding Program is that:

1) Members never have to pay one cent more than they would have paid buying directly from the selected stores;

2) Members never have to pay any membership fees;

3) Members never have to make any purchases in any given month to be eligible for a cash back.  Bonuses, however, will depend on some specific activities carried out by the members;

4) Members can sit back and enjoy one-stop shopping. There is no need to browse around different sites to locate discounts and special offers. Anything you wish to buy is now at your fingertip.

EZCash is designed for all shoppers allowing shoppers to "BUY and GAIN".